Giantslayer - Critical Fail

From the GM - Events up to now 1.3
Book 1 Done!

  As the terror of the orcish assault on Trunau rages on, the rag-tag band of adventurers slug their way through a plethora of enemies, in order to light the remaining beacons and signal those outside the walls. No matter the obstacles, one by one the bonfires were kindled. 

  In addition to the waves of the Twisted Nail tribe encountered on the treacherous trek through the town, the team encountered a male human accompanied by half-orc woman, Urnsul, in an alley. While there is some suspicion as to her loyalties, she heads out of site before the party can question her further, and before they locate a recently deceased merchant at the end of said alley. After she later joins in against the party in a fearsome fight with a cave giant and his "handlers", our soon to be heroes quickly agree they don't care for her much. While the newly dubbed "Giantslayers" were victorious, the badly wounded Urnsul manages to slip away yet again.

  After a not-so-brief respite in the burnt and shattered remains of Clamor, the 'slayers head into a newly excavated cave entrance. Inside, after eradicating some local fauna, they run face to face with the half-orc Skreed and his wolf pack. Pulling a note from his still-warm corpse, a note from Grenseldek ( self-titled "Glorious Chieftain of the Twisted Hearts") plainly states that Skreed is to locate a hammer and rock of Uskroth. Both are quickly found on the body of a very large skeleton in the middle of the room, surrounded by a bevy of smaller bones. Upon closer inspection of the rock, the geode appears to actually be one half of a map of the Mindspun Mountains and a trail to the "Giantkiller's Tomb".

  Laden with victory spoils, the party heads back towards the exit of the cave. Who or what will be awaiting them on the other side?

From the GM - Events up to now 1.2
Book 1, 75% done

  After the funeral of Rodrick Grath, a sudden orc attack breaks the somber silence around the pyre. The adventurers have lit 2 of the remaining 3 town beacons, and after withstanding wave after wave of orc marauders (and a few brief moments of much-needed rest) they head towards the Hopespring Beacon.

 What perils yet lie in wait…

From the GM - Events up to now 1.1
(Book 1, 50% done)

Investigation points (my general order, not the order that it actually occurred (see Oz's writings here (no link yet, talk to Michael)))

  1. Ramblehouse

    1. Questioning Cham Larringfass

      1. Registry

        1. Unnamed human
        2. Half-orc guests (non-locals)
    2. Searching Rodrik's Room

      1. Receipt (Lead #6)
      2. Hidden Compartment
    3. Other Rooms

      1. White graffiti vandalism (Lead #4)
      2. Unnamed

        1. Trick drawer w/ love letter
    4. Assassin attack! (after forwarding plot)

      1. Living assassin found by Guard

        1. From Freedomtown
        2. Hired by half-orc with facial tatoos

          1. No name/other info provided before "escaping" custody
  2. Brinya Kelver (Fiancee @ boarding house)

    1. False hopeknife discussion could lead to 1, or 6
    2. Journal info can lead towards 5
    3. Rodrik's hopeknife returned!
  3. Omast Frum (Patrol Seargent)

    1.  Drunk and lamenting

      1. PCs can try to stop his drinking/sober him up
      2. or convince Omast it wasn't his fault, and direct the convo.
      3. If the false hopeknife is shown, will comment it doesn't look right (Lead 6)
  4. White Swords

    1. Five total locations, swords may point to lead 5
  5. Sanctuary (Church of Iomedae)

    1. Tyari Varvatos

      1. Cleric of Iomedae
    2. Brantos Calderon

      1. Paladin of Iomedae
    3. Rodrik's Body

      1. No real ties to Iomedae
  6. Clamor

    1. Questioning Sara
    2. Questioning Katrezra 
    3. Journal
  7. The Plague House

    1. True hopeknife
    2. Unfound stuffs…
  8. …to arms!

    1. Dun dun duuuunnn.
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  Welcome to our 1st attempt at Paizo's Giantslayer!

  So far, we've got a handful of fun-loving players and their created PCs. Session Zero (and 0.5) went well, as did our first actual gaming attempt.

  Currently I only have basic info aboutt the city of Trunau and its residents, which can be seen under the Wiki tab. Michael is planning on uploading the gaming session reviews each week as well.

  When you get the chance, add as least the basic stats of your character, so hopefully I (and the NPCs) don't continue to forget names…


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